Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Jimi Wallet

Ever get sick of that bulging pillow you call a wallet in your back pocket? Me too. Thankfully, an extremely slimmed down alternative has presented itself in the form of the The Jimi. Available in a variety of colors and a few different variations, this handy alternative to a conventional bi or tri-fold leather wallet lends itself especially well to those fond of a minimalist lifestyle. Featuring a hard plastic shell with a snap closure, the Jimi Wallet holds only 4 credit cards, 1 driver's license, and 3 folded bills. My girlfriend bought me one for my birthday a while back and while I was skeptical about the reliability at first, it's proven to be a resilient little enclosure to say the least.

Why I Like it

Aside from generally enjoying not being overburdened by a veritable man-purse, I'm actually quite fond of the styling. It's chic in a funky sort of way. I went for the orange color myself, but many of the other colors look good as well, especially smoke. The Jimi also plays its part in maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, forcing me only to carry the essentials with me whenever I go out instead of being jam-packed with receipts, ticket stubs, etc.

Where Can I get it?

The Jimi costs around 15 dollars and you can pick one up here in a variety of colors and styles. They also make DS cases for all you gamers out there :)